Youth’s Modern Beliefs Vs. Core Values

Youth's Modern Beliefs Vs. Core ValuesThere has been much talk about the attitudes of our youth today and how it contrasts with the values of older generations. Today’s younger generation is also known as the Millennials and they were born between 1981 and probably the early 90s although some have mentioned generation Y which extends from the 90s forward. Millennials and Generation Y members do have a set of values that some find troubling while others find refreshing depending on the person.

Some of The Main Qualities of Younger Generation

Today’s youth are more tech savvy than in previous decades and this means that they are accustomed to completing tasks quickly and they no longer have to wait hours to gather research or do other things. Another quality of the younger generation is the sense of entitlement that they possess at times. It is this quality that irritates many in the older generations since they believe that a person achieves success through hard work and having humility in their lives. We also see that younger persons are high achievers and they strive to do well in all aspects of life.

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The Importance and Power of Education

The Importance and Power of EducationIt has been said that without the best education, it will be almost impossible for someone to find a good job and build financial independence. A good education doesn’t always mean a degree from a four year university but you can get a solid education from a community college or through an apprenticeship where you get on the job training. Here are some of the advantages of getting a good education.

You Gain Lifelong Knowledge

One of the best reasons to get an education is because it contributes to lifelong knowledge as you get older. Gaining an education doesn’t end when you leave college because you’ll also need education to give you the information needed to succeed in the practical aspects of life such as marriage, childrearing, spirituality, employment, and understanding the world around you. For example, you may obtain education by attending business seminars or homeownership classes.

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Little Things To Make Your Life Better

Little Things To Make Your Life BetterAre you tired of living your life the same old way while getting no results? If so, there are some things you can do to improve your life over the next few months or even weeks. It just takes a new attitude, determination and some effort.

Set A New Sleep Schedule

Part of the reason why you’re not always feeling your best is because you do not get enough sleep at night. You should set a new sleep schedule at night and stick to it so that your sleeping habits improve and that you’ll feel great physically. If you work late at night or during overnight hours, try to set a nap time during the day in order to feel refreshed.

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Democracy And Human Rights

Democracy And Human RightsIn democratic societies such as the United States and much of Europe, it is important that human rights are recognized because if they’re not it causes problems such as poverty, crime, broken families, rise in mental health issues and problems in the education system. The government is responsible for creating laws that allow for the fair treatment of individuals so that everyone can get along in the world without too much tension, that may become harmful. Nonprofit organizations and advocacy groups exist for the purpose of giving people an education about what their rights are and about ethical values that promote a better life for all.

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Literacy vs. the right education

Literacy vs. the right educationThere is no substitution for education. Education is something that will be the best possessed stuff you can ever possess in your lifetime and which could never go away. The knowledge of a person is like a vessel with a magic spell that would never go empty no matter how much you take stuffs out of it. It is something no snatcher could snatch or no robber could rob. Yet education is the most neglected piece of possession in many parts of the world and thus we see how the world is going towards self destruction.

Literacy and the right education are two different things that one must understand. It may be the case that you are literate but still if you do not have the right education then your knowledge will not flourish and you can never become a true human being.

Knowledge and education goes hand in hand. The right knowledge will educate you with the basic and the most valuable lessons of your live. And this will come from not the best education institutions but form the parents itself. The brain of a small child is like a moldable sponge. You can form whatever shape you want to form. It will become how you treat it in its early days. Children are like sponge and they absorb whatever they see and understand in their surroundings. They collect these in formations and feed them to their system and ultimate develop them surrounding them making those memories from their childhood as the most idealistic. Thus it is the duty of the parents to give the children the right set of ideals to grow up. Thus the most essential thing we need is not the best institutions but the right kind of education.

Education and the knowledge to do the right stuff are like the digital multimeters from in our lives. They keep a tap on our path that we are pursuing and constantly ask us the question if we are doing the right thing or not. It is in constant conversation to our conscience and helps us thus becoming a better man. If we just look around the present condition all over the world, what we see really shivers us. The people or agents of death, agents of utmost inhumanity are sometimes found to be much educated and qualified and certified technicians in their fields, yet can we surely tell that these people despite having one or many highly qualifying degrees of literacy have the right kind of education? Well, the question is wide open for all.

What is the call of the hour is that we should become much more than just literates. We should pursue knowledge that will have the right impact on the society and help not only in our progress but for the progress of the whole society and entire humanity at large. We must not forget that we are not just the stake holders in the community or the society we live in but we are the cause of the community or society as they flourish and are portrayed in the world stage as we behave, in form of our actions and words.

Motivating Children Into Doing Extracurricular Activities

It was hard enough to motivate students into doing anything even without all the distractions that now surround them. It is a fact that many children spend more time watching TV than being at school, and there is nothing any of the teachers can do about that. You can always try to make the parents realize the importance of leading an active life and showing interest in different activities, but that method tends to lead nowhere. Teaching experience shows us that the most we can do is try to light a spark of interest in learning in children themselves. And although there are plenty of ways to go about doing this, one of the most effective is getting to them through extracurricular activities. Here are some of the best places to start.

Inspire them to write

Motivating Children Into Doing Extracurricular ActivitiesMotivating the children into writing their own stories might seem impossible, since you can’t even make them read the assigned books. But it is actually not that difficult, at least not if you approach them in the right way. To do this, try to think like you are once again in middle or high school. Ask yourself what would make them interested in writing. As just one of the many possible ways to do it, you can start telling a thrilling story with plenty of action, and just before the end, tell the children that they can write any ending they like.

Teach them how to build something

What will certainly make the children interested in this type of activity is watching you build something from scratch. Although there are classes during which they are shown the process of making bird feeders and similar objects, this will leave most children yawning. It simply means that you have to find something they will want to build, and do it with tools they will find cool, such as a proper reciprocating saw. So instead of building a bird feeder year after year, ask the children what they would like to make, and provide them with the instructions and necessary tools.

This type of activity, however, can be demanding for a teacher. After all, you always have to put safety first. So if you plan on using a reciprocating saw, make sure to check the official website for instructions on safe use.

Think of an interesting spin on a traditional art project

Motivating Children Into Doing Extracurricular ActivitiesIt is an undeniable fact that most traditional art projects are not that creative. And when you have a room full of small children who are used to watching Hollywood action and special effects, you can’t ask them to do something like a collage and expect them to have fun. So try to think of an interesting way to make a spin on the projects you have been doing for years, and you will certainly reap the benefits of your work.

And last, but not least, make them want to do their own projects. There is only so much you can do, and after all, a large part of your job involves enabling the children to grow into capable and respectable individuals.

Checklists to Keep Your Children Safe at Home

Checklists to Keep Your Children Safe at HomeWhile your place may seem absolutely safe for adults, there may be plenty of injury and accident risks for kids in any part of your home. Some of the hazards are quite obvious and are easy to eliminate. However, to be absolutely sure, it could be reasonable to go through these checklists to make your home safe and child-friendly.


  • Have you installed child latches on drawers containing knives, forks, scissors and other dangerous items?
  • Are the kitchen electric devices (dishwasher, microwave, oven, etc.) equipped with child locks?
  • Are the kitchen appliance chords out of reach?
  • Are appliances with sharp blades stored out of reach?
  • Are matches and lighters locked in a cabinet?
  • Are the bottles with alcohol stored where children cannot reach them?
  • Does the child chair have a safety belt?

Doors and Windows

  • Is the main door safely locked so that your toddler cannot leave the house?
  • Do all the doors have stoppers?
  • Are all the sliding doors equipped with childproof locks?
  • Are there window locks, stoppers and safety bars installed on your windows?

Walls and Floors

  • Have you removed all the nails sticking out from the walls?
  • Do the walls have peeling or cracking paint?
  • Are objects hanging on the wall hung securely?


  • Is there protective padding on the corners of furniture items?
  • Are all the drawers equipped with stoppers to prevent them from falling out?
  • Do all chests with heavy lids have safety hinges to prevent them from closing?
  • Do toy chests and other chests have safety hinges to prevent them from closing?
  • Are wall-mounted TVs out of a child’s reach?
  • Are beds and chairs away from windows?


  • Do the stairways have enough light?
  • Have you checked if the railings and banisters are secure?
  • Are there any tripping hazards, such as toys or loose carpeting?
  • Is the basement door locked?

Basement and Garage

  • Are all gardening and automotive tools, as well as bleaches and detergents, stored securely away from your children?
  • Is the sump pump pit secured so that your children cannot reach it? Note that pits for professional sump pumps require bolted covers and cannot be secured just with duct tape or a loose cap.
  • Can your kids reach the glass and metal recycling containers?


  • Is the hot water thermostat set to a safe temperature (below 120F)?
  • Are all sharp tools such as razor blades, scissors, etc. secured in a cabinet out of a child’s reach?
  • Do all electric sockets have a fault circuit interrupter to provide protection against electric shocks in case an electric appliance gets wet?
  • Do the pads on the ceramic floor have a non-slip bottom to prevent sliding?
  • Are all the cosmetic and medication bottles stored in a locked area?
  • Are there non-skid strips on the bottom of the bathtub?

Child’s Room

  • Are the dressers secured to walls with drawers closed?
  • Are there window guards?
  • Are the nightlights not touching any fabric which may cause a fire?
  • Is there a smoke alarm in the room?

No matter how hard you try to make your home environment safe for your kids, supervision and instruction are still quite important. Starting from their early years, you need to teach your kids about what’s safe and what’s not.

The alarming face of the virtual world

The alarming face of the virtual worldTime is an ever changing thing. It does not stop for no one. It carries on no matter what comes and what goes on. It is always irrelevant of the surrounding moving along with a constant flow like some monotonous music whose tunes are being played on and on without stop. It is like some good old musical instrument, like the one you can find at, whose music though constant never gets old or boring, for not even once. But again with the changing time the age and the factors and characteristics of that particular time periods changes as well. So neither time nor its characterizing aspects are ever constant.

So how can people from different periods of time have the same set of mind if the time itself is changing? With change of every decade and with the advancement in the technology with this passage of time the newer generations are born with a completely new set of ideas and perception of things. Sometimes these ideas and concepts are good as they define the society and the life and living of the people in a whole new way and sometimes, as any other thing it brings along some odd and bad aspects with them, as well, which are sometimes quite alarming.

Humans are social animals and we are programmed to function in groups. Since civilization people of the same trait and same habits have lived together forming ethnic groups and hence forming nations. But the new generations are trending more with the idea of globalization. They are not bound to the boundaries of a specific nation or country as they make the world their world. The world is their family. The internet is their neighborhood. They have their social as well as official communications through this medium of worldwide net. Whether you need an appliance for home or a stationary for work you can just log on to some site to access it. If your favorite musical instrument needs to be replaced and you need something new to encourage your hobby for music you just have to ViolinReport for window shopping for the newest trendy electrical violins and not out in the streets, from one shop to another. This makes thing accessible to all from anywhere they are.

But again this is after all a virtual world where you will know your friends not by their faces but by their username. While chatting with one another you can’t make out how the person on the other side of the computer window or your tab or smart phone screen is emotionally taking your words or speaking to you. This leads to misinterpretation of things and thus leads to grave consequence. This virtual world is drawing attention of all especially the youngsters in an alarming manner and they are now more interested to talk to people through electronic medium than verbally, face to face. This is making kids and youngsters socially incompetent to communicate to others. They are become more restless and intolerant and thus medical problems and like obesity and depressions and flooding into them along with other consequential health problems.

We must change with the moving time but the change should be gradual and for the long term benefit for one and all.

Healing Methods That Will Go Easier On Your Organism

Woman holding fruitsIt is a sad fact that we all have to go through some kind of illness or injury during the course of our lives, but it is nevertheless true. When we get sick, we usually surrender ourselves to doctors, believing they know what is best for us. Although we don’t know enough about our own bodies to make major decisions about our health, there are times in which it would be best to ask ourselves if the more invasive option really is the best one.

There is a large number of healing methods available, and the traditional ones, the ones we are used to, are usually the invasive ones. The ones that go easier on our bodies are mostly called alternative methods, but regardless of what they are called, we believe it might be in our best interest to take a closer look at some of them. Here is a list of a couple of methods that you might want to consider if you are currently suffering from an injury or illness.


This healing method has a really long history, and that should say something about its benefits. It uses very thin needles in order to stimulate those points that are closely connected to the health issue you as a patient are experiencing. It allows your body to start the healing process, and balances your energy as well.


The only method listed here that couldn’t be called alternative, electrotherapy is one of the least invasive, and yet effective healing methods. As explained on, it is a procedure that involves the use of an electrotherapy unit that sends electric current into your body to speed the healing process.

Although this method is mostly used in healing wounds, it can also make a world of difference when it comes to treating neurological diseases. In such cases, deep brain stimulators are used to make the human brain start the recovering process. The whole process is quite complex, but these electrotherapy units can sometimes be used at home as well. If you would like to find out more about them, click here.

Herbal medicine

This method, as its name suggests, uses plants as a way to heal your body. Experts in herbal medicine have a vast knowledge about the effects and benefits that particular plants have on the human organism, and use that knowledge to create a medicine appropriate for healing any given disease.


This is one of the more popular alternative healing methods, but also the one most people think of as being completely ineffective. It basically uses the healer’s and the patient’s natural energy in order to jump start the healing process.

Magnetic field therapy

Some believe that magnets have the ability to heal living beings, and that it has something to do with the way they disrupt our natural energy. Although there is no evidence that can support this in general, some studies have shown that transcranial magnetic stimulation in particular can result in the recovery of patients who have suffered a stroke.

Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

A business man rushing through the streetsIf you are one of those who are constantly in a rush, you might want to ask yourself if it is really necessary to lead such a hectic life, and whether there is something you can do to make it easier for yourself.

We believe that there are plenty of ways to minimize the effort a person needs to put into doing things, and since that is our opinion, we are in a constant search for things that can make an individual’s life easier.

If you think that it would be great to spend some quality time with your children instead of having to waste it on things that are not that important, you might be interesting in what we are about to present to you. Below is a list of tools that are available on the market, and that include everything from mobile apps to actual tools.


If your job involves making presentations, or if you simply want to improve your organization skills, you might like this simple tool. Infogram is an online tool that lets you turn any data into charts and diagrams. Apart from being very intuitive, it also allows you to create a chart in two quick and easy steps.

Oscillating tools

If you would rather do something yourself, then take it to a professional, you might want to invest in an oscillating tool. It is a great multipurpose tool, the reviews of which you can find on this website, but since it can be used in so many different ways, we are going to take this opportunity to say something about the way it works.

An oscillating tool is like an electric drill that you can use with a large number of different blades and other extensions. It lets you do everything from sawing and slicing to making that finishing touch that you never thought you could do by yourself. For those who want to learn more about it, OSCILLATINGTOOLSDEPOT will be a good place to start.

Wocket Smart Wallet

This little gadget will make your life much easier, especially if you are using a lot of different credit cards. You can program it with all your information, and then use it for online purchases without fumbling through your wallet every time you need to make a transaction.

Smartphone reading glasses

If you are one of those whose job requires sitting in front of a gleaming screen all day long, you will be thrilled to hear that there are glasses specially designed to keep you from feeling like your eyes will fall out.


This handy new gadget will make you want to do yoga again. The specially designed mat records your every movement, allows you to track your progress and alerts you when you make the wrong pose. It is a real time-saver, since it rids you of the need to go to yoga classes.

Laptop lock

If you want to stop worrying about someone stealing your laptop, you might want to consider investing in a laptop lock. This simple tool

Active Bodies Promote Active Minds

Clock nearing the midnightHave you sometimes noticed how much you struggle to study at night? And when you’ve finally called it a night, have you noticed how restless your sleep was? You may be feeling the pressure, stressed to the limit thinking about the next morning’s exam or your overdue assignment.

Also, your young body has become tired of playing catch up. You are left wondering; how did it all come to this. You are also asking yourself; why did I allow it to happen. There can be many good reasons why you have not been copying with your college studies, and they weren’t always your fault.

Stop blaming yourself

Man in despairBut because you are essentially a mature and responsible young adult, you place all the blame on your shoulders. Stop what you are doing and take a deep breath. This will be a lesson in self-promotion.

Because you are responsible, you have other work to attend to. It drains you physically, mentally and emotionally. This is normal, given the circumstances we find ourselves in today.

Everyone has to work a little harder to keep up their ends. So, rest assured, you are not alone.

At this stage, do not stop to wonder how other successful students manage. Forget about the privileged students who only need to show up on time for classes every day. Stop watching others because chances are you may not be able to keep up anyway.

And what better way to do this than to get into shape. In order to get this right, you may need to make some sacrificial changes along the way. In any case, life is about to change for the better for you.

Improving mental health

Physical exercise is one of the best ways of improving your mental health which will also improve your ability to study effectively and achieve successful outcomes. Because you are a college student, you may also want to remain socially active. Take up a sport or two. Not sure where to start? You can visit websites such as these to find out how you can become involved and what you need to get started.

Sport is also a great way to relieve tension. So, perhaps you don’t have an inclination towards team sports. You can pursue the alternatives which allow you to spend more time on your own. You could join a boxing club and practice alone on punching bags. Or you could join a golf driving range and simply take swings whenever you’ve had a chance to get away from work or classes. Unless you are truly serious about maintaining your sense of direction during your time off or beginning to take your chosen sport seriously, you won’t need a GPS navigation system any day soon.

During bouts of physical exertion, the emphasis should always be on relaxation anyway. Just try regular brisk walks in your nearby park every other day and see what a difference it makes to you after a few weeks.

Independent Research as an Important Learning Tool

You may not have done this much at high school. It wasn’t your fault, really.

The school curriculum, in certain circumstances, did not allow you much time to explore this effective avenue of higher learning. There has also been too much emphasis on rote learning.

This practice still continues today but fortunately, states and districts across the country are addressing shortfalls in educational outcomes and paying more attention to the needs of special students who invariably have learning disabilities which cause them to struggle at both junior and high school level. You may not have had much time for doing research to improve your knowledge and enhance your interest in a particular subject, mainly because there was very little time for this.

Smart students spend time doing their own research

Fortunately, there were other extracurricular activities that you could apply your mind (and body) to. And it helped, didn’t it? Your first experience of doing your own independent research may have come when you began looking into prospective colleges where you could further your studies.

If you still have recollections of that experience, you will recall that you had to do a number of things. You had to take into account your grades and field of interest. You also had to consider location, and unfortunately, had to involve your parents.

But independent-minded and ambitious students have gone on to manage quite well without their folks, in spite of all the usual challenges. They went on to study at the college of their choice, after their applications were successful and they were able to relocate smoothly. Because college tuition fees are expensive at the best schools, these smart students spent time researching job avenues which would also match their college schedule.

Independent research will take you far

In an earlier blog post, we spoke about well-educated middle-aged and older men and women who, after years spent in chosen careers, have upped the ante where quality of life is concerned and relocated to the tranquil environment of country towns. These successful people could never do this on luck alone. Money was never a factor either.

But from a commercial perspective, you as a consumer still need to make informed decisions. Light Bar Land explains the principle coherently on their website. The principle of applying and managing your own independent research remains the same, whether you are at college, shopping or looking to make life-defining changes.

To put successful independent research methodologies into practice at college, always be prepared to work wide and beyond what has been prescribed. College professors may only be providing you with a set list of suggestions, if they do this at all, but they also know full well that you are expected to read beyond what they presented.

Never taking manufacturers’ guides at face value, these country folks will in all probability be driving their trucks around town and the surrounding environment, well equipped with portable environmentally-friendly light pods as opposed to more conventional choices.

Learn to do your own independent research and see how far it takes you in this lifetime.

Never Stop Learning

Lady reading a book outsideWe have spoken a number of times in the past about the importance of education. After all, we are teachers and apart from education being our livelihood, it is also our passion. Nothing pleases a good teacher more than seeing his students graduate successfully and make his way into the working world without much ado. But we’d like to emphasize the importance of lifelong learning. After you’ve received your college degree do not take it for granted that this is where it all stops. You still have the rest of your life ahead of you and the Lord alone knows how long you will be living.

Prepare yourself for the real job for life

Today’s sociological and economic circumstances should compel you to consider higher learning in order to enhance your career prospects going forward. Those who are fortunate enough to attain entry-level jobs after college graduation soon learn to regret their acceptance that this may be their job for life. In today’s climate, it rarely is. Where job security is concerned, your perceived good fortune may continue for a number of years. But not much else changes.  Why is this?

While you may have (short-term) job security, security in many other areas of your life tells a different story. Your wages or salaries or not likely to increase substantially for you to enhance the quality of your life, provide your own children with a higher standard of education or make generous long-term savings for your future. This is due to a number of sociological and economic factors. Economically, the country remains challenged with near-zero inflation and interest rates, and sluggish gross domestic product and job growth generally. Across States, there are some exceptions.

Re-educate to improve the quality of your life

To emphasize the importance of further learning, we are going to picture a broad-based scenario. In order to find meaningful work and to survive, many migrants, cross-border and from rural regions, are trekking to urban environments at increased rates every year. But while this is not noticed, mainly because the numbers are so small, there are people moving in the opposite direction. Ask anyone who has had the opportunity to take a holiday to country towns. Did they tell you how happy the townsfolk seem to be?

And because they are far removed from urban centers, rural townsfolk have prepared themselves well ahead of time. Well-educated and having been through the mill where careers are concerned, these middle-aged to senior (pension) aged folks, have taught themselves new skills and attended workshops to equip themselves with these skills. It would not be unusual to see a former college professor or business administration manager handle a large, multipurpose wood lather during the course of his building exercises, whether for domestic or commercial use. For folks such as these, quality of life turned out to be more important than just having a job to go to everyday.

In order to improve their quality of life, not just their bank balance, these well-educated men and women, re-educated themselves and relocated.

Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Children

Benefits of Arts and Crafts for ChildrenIn most schools, arts and crafts are completely secondary, while some forms of academic subjects take precedent over them. This is a shame and here is why. Appropriate craft activities are a great aid in the development of children and can be of great use when developing various areas of the brain which are later used for learning languages, doing social studies, various sciences, etc. They also play an important role in the health of the child – both physical and mental. Here are just a few benefits of crafts for small children.

  1. Fine Motor Skills

If they want to draw nicely, children need to focus and learn to control their movements precisely. By doing this often, they develop extremely good fine motor skills, which can later help them if they want to choose an occupation which demands these types of skills. One of the most famous areas where these skills are imperative is surgery. So the next time your child asks to draw, just imagine it as a step towards their becoming a world-class surgeon and you won’t be able to say no.

  1. Bilateral coordination

Various crafts such as colouring and cutting force the child to use both hands at the same time. This helps them develop bilateral coordination, which is later useful for a range of actions such as typing, writing, moving things, tying shoes and more. And it’s a shame children don’t get to finely develop this skill, since the equipment for these types of crafts is cheap and easy to come by. You don’t have to go looking for a powerful tool at sites like beltsanderworld.Com, you just need some small scissors, some crayons and paper.

  1. Bonding

Crafts are a great way for shy children to bond with their peers and parents. If you want to develop a special relationship with your child, joining them in doing crafts or teaching them something new is a great way to accomplish that. Just keep one thing in mind. When choosing an activity, make sure it’s suitable to your child’s age. If you start building a huge dog house with your 3-year-old, your child won’t be able to use the tools like this one which are necessary for the job, and will quickly become frustrated. Instead, chose a craft such as making paper snowflakes which the child can easily learn to do.

  1. Project Completion

An often overlooked benefit of doing crafts is learning to complete a project. The consequences of not imparting this knowledge and these habits on kids are visible in today’s adults. How many people do you know who are constantly starting new projects and never finishing any? A lot? We thought so. When a child starts a crafts project, they should be learning to complete it. With the aid of the parent or teacher, the child should successfully complete the task and see the fruit of their work. If that happens, that child will grow up to be an adult who finishes the work they start. And that is definitely an important factor in being successful!