Youth’s Modern Beliefs Vs. Core Values

Youth's Modern Beliefs Vs. Core ValuesThere has been much talk about the attitudes of our youth today and how it contrasts with the values of older generations. Today’s younger generation is also known as the Millennials and they were born between 1981 and probably the early 90s although some have mentioned generation Y which extends from the 90s forward. Millennials and Generation Y members do have a set of values that some find troubling while others find refreshing depending on the person.

Some of The Main Qualities of Younger Generation

Today’s youth are more tech savvy than in previous decades and this means that they are accustomed to completing tasks quickly and they no longer have to wait hours to gather research or do other things. Another quality of the younger generation is the sense of entitlement that they possess at times. It is this quality that irritates many in the older generations since they believe that a person achieves success through hard work and having humility in their lives. We also see that younger persons are high achievers and they strive to do well in all aspects of life.

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The Importance and Power of Education

The Importance and Power of EducationIt has been said that without the best education, it will be almost impossible for someone to find a good job and build financial independence. A good education doesn’t always mean a degree from a four year university but you can get a solid education from a community college or through an apprenticeship where you get on the job training. Here are some of the advantages of getting a good education.

You Gain Lifelong Knowledge

One of the best reasons to get an education is because it contributes to lifelong knowledge as you get older. Gaining an education doesn’t end when you leave college because you’ll also need education to give you the information needed to succeed in the practical aspects of life such as marriage, childrearing, spirituality, employment, and understanding the world around you. For example, you may obtain education by attending business seminars or homeownership classes.

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Little Things To Make Your Life Better

Little Things To Make Your Life BetterAre you tired of living your life the same old way while getting no results? If so, there are some things you can do to improve your life over the next few months or even weeks. It just takes a new attitude, determination and some effort.

Set A New Sleep Schedule

Part of the reason why you’re not always feeling your best is because you do not get enough sleep at night. You should set a new sleep schedule at night and stick to it so that your sleeping habits improve and that you’ll feel great physically. If you work late at night or during overnight hours, try to set a nap time during the day in order to feel refreshed.

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Democracy And Human Rights

Democracy And Human RightsIn democratic societies such as the United States and much of Europe, it is important that human rights are recognized because if they’re not it causes problems such as poverty, crime, broken families, rise in mental health issues and problems in the education system. The government is responsible for creating laws that allow for the fair treatment of individuals so that everyone can get along in the world without too much tension, that may become harmful. Nonprofit organizations and advocacy groups exist for the purpose of giving people an education about what their rights are and about ethical values that promote a better life for all.

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Real Simple Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Real Simple Tips To Keep Your Kitchen OrganizedThe kitchen is the heart of a home. That sounds lovely, but that isn’t always the case.

For many of us, the kitchen is a place we can’t live without – the first place you get into when you wake up and the last before you leave for school. But unfortunately, it is also the last place we ever think of tidying up. Our busy schedule seemed to be a convenient excuse for keeping the kitchen disorganized and untidy. As such, many find the kitchen a source of frustration instead of delight.

Here are a few simple, yet very effective ways for keeping the kitchen a lot more organized!

  1. Add shelves, pegs or railing on a wall. Maximize every space you have in the kitchen including the walls. A pegboard, shelf or railings enable you to store pans, pots, or utensils. Plus, they also look good.
  2. Keep trash bins under the sink to save floor space.
  3. Keep things you frequently use in the kitchen within easy reach. Dedicate a drawer for most commonly used kitchen tools, such as scissors or knives. Make sure you only store tools that you will use on a daily basis or more frequently. This way, you won’t have to mess up everywhere looking for the kitchen tool you need.
  4. Remove all items that do not belong to the kitchen. Bags, electrical fittings, CDs, books, etc. are not supposed to be in the kitchen. Clear them up.
  5. Organize your fridge. Keep foods items in zip locked plastic and label them. For a more organized storage of perishable goods, you would benefit from a vacuum sealer. Lately, I’ve been reading reviews website about the different vacuum sealers for home use.
  6. Store flat items vertically using a divider. Items such as cutting boards or cookie sheets often get buried under a stack of pans or pots. So, whenever you need them, you tend to disorganize everything and leave a heap of mess.
  7. Keep small items in little plastic bins. Bottles of cleanser, plastic baggies, and the likes can make your kitchen look cluttered.
  8. Get several uniform containers (square or rectangular shape). Place all oddly shaped items in these containers. The straight lines of these containers help prevent waste of space.
  9. Stack cans, bottles, and other grocery items neatly as soon as you arrive home. Don’t wait for later as you will end up not doing it anyway.
  10. Buy only what you need. If you have a large kitchen, buying several boxes of baking soda is not a problem, but if you have a limited space, unnecessary items can only add up to clutter. So, be sure to buy only items you need. Better yet, make a list before you go to the grocery.

Finally, de-cluttering your kitchen regularly is the best solution to your kitchen woes. Develop a habit of cleaning the kitchen at least 15 minutes every day and you’ll be surprised at the huge difference it can make. Also, investing on kitchen organization products and equipment, such as a vacuum sealer, can greatly help in your goal of maintaining a clean, clutter-free kitchen.


Tips On Health Care In Women

Tips On Health Care In WomenThe members at AFT had organized a marathon to raise awareness about women’s health.  While women play an important role in the family taking care of everyone’s health, they tend to neglect their own. To create an awareness regarding this situation, we had decided on the marathon. It got a rousing response with everyone in the neighborhood participating with zeal. During the end of the marathon, a health expert gave a very interesting and useful speech on health care tips for women. Here are a few important tips from the speech.

Regular checkups

While women are educated with high career goals and land high paid jobs, they are still as ignorant about their health as were the women in the past. Many lifestyle diseases are rampant in women because they neglect their health. A proper diet, exercise, and regular checkups help to keep many of the diseases they are prone to at bay. Vaccinations are as important for adults as they are for babies. Only when women are healthy can they take care of the family well. Even grandmothers need to have their checkups done regularly.

Eat healthy foods

It is necessary for women to pay attention to their health and diet. Giving priority to family always is not good. Women need to make healthy food choices and most importantly not stuff themselves with leftovers or excess food just to prevent it from being wasted. A proper nutritious meal is necessary. Protein rich foods should be part of the diet. Including protein supplements such as those available at is also a good choice. Milk, dairy products, pulses are all good protein sources to add to the daily diet. Eggs and meat too make up a big chunk of protein to add to your routine diet.

Adapt to change

It is important for women to adapt to the changing lifestyle patterns. Women need to listen to their bodies and try to reduce stress and be more self-confident. Working late into the night may bring good name for you at work and home, but it does not do your health any good. When you learn to combat day-to-day stresses effectively, you can relax and enjoy your life better.

Natural beauty care

With having to prepare meals, preparing the kids for school and rushing to work, morning hours can be quite busy for women to take care of their beauty. It is necessary to include as much skin care as possible. Hair care includes proper brushing, frequent washing, use of hair moisturizer and a spa treatment at least twice in a month. These help to keep your hair lustrous and healthy.

Mental health

As it is necessary to appear healthy, so is your mental health important. Just the mere absence of mental illness doesn’t indicate you are mentally healthy. With right diet and exercise, you can maintain proper mental health too. Choose foods that keep your mind in good health. Vitamins as well as minerals help to fight depression. Folate, calcium, iron, vitamin B12, Zinc, selenium, and omega 3 fatty acids help in preventing depression.

Importance Of Skin Care

Importance Of Skin CareOne of our members, Anne was late for our weekly meeting. Since she was always punctual and the first one to be there, we were curious and she looked pretty upset too. It turned out that Anne’s cousin had been recently diagnosed with skin cancer and a severe one at that. We all expressed our concern and since it is a common enough disease, we all knew about it. We got to talk about how it is important to take care of our skin.

While using beauty care products is common enough among women and men too, they do not give much attention to the actual skin care products. Choosing the right cleansers, sunscreens and moisturizers helps in keeping many skin conditions at bay. Here are some important reasons on why skin care should be given priority.

Anti-ageing effect

With the appropriate skin care methods, you can reduce the effect of aging on your skin. You have several herbal preparations that help in taking care of skin cell rejuvenation. And there are non-invasive treatment methods – with the help of nice microdermabrasion machines you could reduce wrinkle and blemishes on skin.  While aging is inevitable part of our lives, we can however delay the aging process with the right skin care methods.


It is not enough to clean your face with just soap and water. You should remove all the dirt, makeup products and other unwanted things that accumulate on your face. A deep cleansing agent is necessary to get your face squeaky clean and healthy looking.

Cleaning up pores

The skin pores need to be cleaned and free of dust, dirt and oil to give your skin a glowing and healthy look. The main cause of acne, which is common to all age groups, is because of the infection occurring in clogged pores.


It is necessary to detoxify the skin to remove the toxins from your skin and body. For this, special treatments may be necessary. But regular and effective skin care in itself helps to keep your skin safe from the toxic effects it is exposed to.


When you have a healthy and vibrant skin, you will have great self-confidence. Right selection of skin care treatments such as the MICRODERMMD helps your skin lose its blemishes, scars, and imperfections and brings back its radiant glow.

Stress free time

We are unfortunate enough to live at a time where stress is part and parcel of our lives.  Sometimes you get tired even before your day starts. But with an excellently put together face mask, you can get miraculous effects that not only take care of your skin but also perks up your mood and personal attitude.

Blood circulation

With the appropriate skin care methods and products, you can help in improving the blood circulation to your skin. This helps to keep it healthy.

Glowing skin

One way to show your healthy state is having a glowing skin. Your skin looks appealing, and this can be achieved with routine and proper skin care.

Field Trip Ideas

Field Trip IdeasProviding a quality education to young minds is about more than just sitting in a class and trying to convey as much knowledge as possible from textbooks and other sources. Sometimes, it’s crucial to get up and out of that environment, taking children from their comfort zone and out into the world, where they can see interesting sights they never would inside a school. It’s true that the Internet and its availability have made it easy to see exotic sights in a flash, but we all know there is a difference between seeing something on a screen and having it actually stand right in front of your face.

One of the biggest concerns to deal with when planning trips like this is making sure the field trip will have some educational value for your students. It’s also one of the easiest to satisfy however. Based on the lesson plan you’re using to teach your students, you should be able to figure out at least a handful of different locations where your kids might have a good time getting out of class while still learning something. Are you teaching them about botany – plants, growth cycles, that sort of thing? Little could be better than a trip to a farm. The same goes for zoology and a visit to the local zoo.

A field trip site needs to be safe too. The children in your class are your responsibility when you take them out of it, so it only makes sense you should try to keep them safe. This might mean going to a less exciting place, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. Aquariums are great, often colorful displays that should really grab the attention of a young child’s mind and keep them interested, at least for a little while. While showing off all the different fish, you could explain the inner workings of such an aquarium, including the high quality canister filter system, water temperatures and salt content.

Despite what many business analysts might say, manufacturing is still a thing here in the United States. Many of we adults can probably remember taking a trip to a factory, a bottling plant, a production warehouse or a similar place back when we were children. It’s simple and boring stuff now, but when you’re a young one and all that movement and noise and action is happening around you, places like that can be awfully exciting. What better way to teach students how things are made then to show them the things being made?

Wherever you take you students on a field trip, there are a few points to always keep in mind. First, is the location a safe one? You don’t want to be taking your students into a dangerous setting, though the world is a dangerous place and that sometimes can’t be avoided. Second, are your students going to get real educational value out of the trip? You could take them all to a park for a few hours, but what do they learn? Third, does the place you have in mind even allow visitation like that? Be sure to call ahead and check before making any concrete plans.

Encouraging Good Nutrition

Encouraging Good NutritionEstablishing good behaviors and habits in children starts at home with the parents, siblings and other family members. Some behaviors, like saying thank you after someone does something nice for you, are pretty easy to teach, reinforce and ultimately be learned by a child. Other behaviors can be much more difficult to instill. Proper eating habits count among some of the most difficult habits to establish and maintain, and that’s not just for kids either. Because grown adults struggle to eat good, nutritious meals all over the world, it’s no surprise that our children are all now having a hard time doing the same thing.

In some parts of the world, the foods which school cafeterias are allowed to serve are strictly monitored and must adhere to a long list of quality checks to be served. Other countries or even different states in the same country may have little or no regulations in place concerning this. Ultimately, encouraging good nutrition and eating habits in a child starts at home, with the child’s family, like any other habit. In general, parents seem to be doing a good job. Children are at a healthy size and eating the right amount and variety of foods to keep them healthy. Or at least that’s the case in the majority of the world.

Again, it’s kind of easy to pick on the United States about this, but they do have the distinction of being one of the fattest nations in the world with child obesity rates as high as 18% among children age 6-12 back in 2012. Rates were twice as high or worse for adolescents in that same year, literally quadrupling over the same 30 year period from 1972 to 2012. One of the main culprits here is a lack of exercise, and that’s easy enough to remedy. Poor nutrition and low quality, highly processed foods are another major factor though. Working these out of your daily routine can be tough.

Lots of foods are processed. As a rule of thumb, anything which comes in its own bag, can or other artificial container is usually a bad food if you’re trying to remove processed food from your diet. Replacing canned vegetables and fruits with fresh versions and grinding your own meats rather than purchasing them processed from your local grocer are all good ways to keep eating the same foods while improving the quality of what you eat. If you want for you and your children to eat healthier, you’ll need to get familiar with devices like these.

Cooking and preparing your own food from raw ingredients removes lots of the preservatives and other nasty chemicals which are often found in processed foods. By supplementing what you buy from a store with those things which you can grow yourself (or get your children to grow for you) you can learn and teach a valuable skill while positively enforcing the thought that good food takes hard work and good nutrition is worth the sacrifice. This won’t end obesity but it will go a long way towards helping children and even some adults to understand nutrition and improve their natural vitamin and mineral intake.

Methods of Encouraging Students In Class

Methods of Encouraging Students In ClassThe classroom can be a daunting place for any teacher especially when one finds themselves in a situation where the students are not performing according to the required standards. It can be hard to ensure that every student in a particular class is performing to the best of their abilities and pulling off such a task requires patience and a number of additional practices that serve as means of enhancing the urge to perform better in their class.

There are a number of methods that a teacher is able to utilize in a bid to get their students to perform better. These methods can be chosen by the teacher according to the various strengths of the class as well as the subject in question. While some methods may be general to all classes, some might only be used in particular subjects due to the specification of their design. Some of the more popular methods available to teachers on a general basis can include:

Rewarding Improvement

This is one of the more common methods that can be used in all classes and simply involves encouraging the students to work on improving their grades through the setting up of a reward system. The reward in question does not necessarily have to be something that is financially expensive and could as a matter of fact cost nothing to the teacher. The trick in picking the reward that is to be put on offer is to know and understand the individuals in a teacher’s class.

Issues such as the general age of the class, what is trending, what the curriculum entails can also come in to play when deciding the appropriate gift to offer.  Choosing such a reward can be seen as a form of fishing whereby one requires a quality fish finder like those at Fishing Gadgets Hub if they are to be successful in their task. The right kind of reward will offer the desired motivation in the class and thus lead to better results.

Encouraging Healthy Competition

This is more of a psychological method and requires the need for a teacher to fully understand the mentality of their students. Encouraging healthy competition can involve a number of things such as pointing out the top three students after every exam and praising their efforts. It should be noted that there is a difference between healthy competition and discouraging those who are not up to par with their studies. This form of encouragement should not make other students feel bad about their own performances but instead motivate them to do better. This method is better used in more practical classes whereby physical activities and team spirit is required for coordination.

Enhancing Class Participation

This is one method of ensuring that everyone within the classroom is able to take part in a particular lesson without standing out like a sore thumb. Ensuring that everyone participates in class can be done through a number of simple activities such as holding question and answer sessions after every class or dividing the class into groups do organize a presentation on former lessons that may have been previously taught.

Encouraging A Child’s Educational Development

Encouraging A Childs Educational DevelopmentThe growth of a child can be quantified in a manner of various measures and one essential tool of determining this growth is through their educational development. The rate at which a child is able to progress can depend on a number of internal and external variances and in order for the highest chances of success to be achieved, it is essential for these variances to be clearly identified.

The internal factors that influence an individual’s educational growth vary from child to child and there is a need for personal focus on each one as a person in order to identify what they are in every case. The external factors however are fairly general and once identified can be utilized to improve the progress of a large number of children. These external factors are usually found in the communal environment shared by children who are gathered in educational institutions around the globe.

The factors within the environment can be influenced by those present in that environment, and with the authority to change the kind of elements experienced by the children in these educational institutions.

External Elements Affecting Educational Development

There are a number of external factors that can be brought to light when considering a child’s educational development. The progress of a child’s education can be compared to the preparation of a barbeque dish. The prowess of the cook matters a great deal in such a situation but the tools used to cook the dish will play a role in the final product as well. One needs a good BBQ smoker (like the ones at BackyardBBQGuru) in order to deliver a sumptuous barbeque and in the case of a child’s development, one needs attractive methods in order to improve the odds of their successful progress.

Simply put, one will need to make sure that the methods of teaching applied are interesting enough to maintain a child’s focus for the required period of time. These methods can be considered to be the external elements in question when studying the factors that could potentially improve a child’s development.

Some of the external elements or practices that can be used by individuals hoping to build a successful relationship with their students include:

  1. Practical Applications of Lessons

Some lessons may seem a bit arduous for children in some cases and in such instances the inclusion of a practical application can serve to make them more exciting. There are different ways in which one can add a practical theme from the lessons they are to deliver and some include acting out the roles that are involved in the lesson with the subject of history being a good example of such a suitable application. Theories can also be put to the test by the children to know if they will pan out as the lesson states.

  1. Rewarding Effort

Giving rewards for children who perform well in their tests can be a good way to encourage the children of pulling up their socks in the classrooms. Setting out targets to be reached and the rewards accompanied with their achievement can go a long way in encouraging the children to pay more attention in their classes. As mentioned earlier, it is best to choose the best gas smoker from those here in order to accomplish the best results in what can be termed as an educational barbeque.

Why Extracurricular Activities are Important

Why Extracurricular Activities are ImportantDuring our usual weekend meeting, the members had a heated discussion on the benefits of extracurricular activities for children. While school is an important part of childhood and growing years, everyone agreed that extracurricular activities also played a key role in the development of a child both physically and mentally.  But most of the issues faced on this front was from the parents’ side. They were skeptical about the role sports or music played in their child’s growth. Some even wondered if the local community center offered the right activities for their child.

Safe haven

The truth is that most of the programs organized after school in addition to the extracurricular activities provide a safe haven for children. They give children an opportunity to learn important life skills like preparing for career, conflict resolution, build good relationships and improve their grades.

The skills help them develop positive attitude and avoid conflict and other behavior issues they may face. It is during the after school time that kids get into trouble with risky behaviors such as juvenile crime, drugs and alcohol use. Therefore, keeping them occupied with safe extracurricular activities is a positive and healthy alternative that parents and teachers should encourage.


One of the teachers shared with us her experience with one of her students. The student was hyperactive and had all qualities ripe for turning into a delinquent, if not handled properly. She had encouraged him to learn the trumpet as she herself was a trumpet player. We all know her prowess with the instrument. She plays trumpet beautifully and says that part of her skill was due to her excellent trumpet, which she purchased at  Encouraging children to become involved in activities after school has various benefits such as

  • It is a wonderful way to find new friends. Children can share their views on creative, social, physical, career, and politics with other likeminded people. Youth programs offer such great opportunities for students
  • A list of extra-curricular activities makes your resume for college and job applications look good. The admission officers as well as prospective employers consider it as a responsible and well-rounded development of an individual. For some jobs, being skilled at specific activities helps a lot. For instance, if a person is the head of a Spanish club in college, it gives him added credentials when he applies for a bilingual or a teaching job.
  • Creativity and being adept at problem solving is more when a child takes part in the activities. Team sports are ideal for problem solving skills while music, crafts, performing arts, and crafts are great to inspire creativity.
  • The juggling of homework, school, family life, and extracurricular activities teach children to manage their time well. They learn to prioritize and plan, which is very much needed when they grow up.
  • For students who do not perform well in academic subjects, the activities make way for exceling in other skills such as sports, arts, or music. This improves self-esteem and the child becomes more confident. Better social skills including negotiation, cooperation and resolution of conflict is learnt by the student in a relaxed and fun filled atmosphere.

Tips for Raising Gifted Children

Tips for Raising Gifted ChildrenI’ve heard it said before that gifted children have gifted parents. But I also know, unlike famous prodigies like Mozart for instance, you never really read about the parents who raised those prodigious and gifted individuals. We won’t be talking about the parents here either, though we will talk about parenting, so that might cover it. Raising children is never a simple task and gifted children come with their own special needs and concerns, just like any other child. Here are some tips for raising a smart, sharp and intelligent young boy or girl and doing what you can for them, as the parent.

Music and the making of it provide more than just a creative outlet or a source of entertainment for young children. Building a strong, working relationship between the mind and the hands is something even adults struggle to do. To give your child a leg up over the other kids, get them a musical instrument and get them training with it as well. There’s a difference between just mashing keys on a piano and actually reciting something from memory, or as written on a sheet of music right before the eyes. This is an excellent kind of exercise for boosting cognitive function and the proof is myriad.

Test your children’s logic and reasoning abilities regularly to get a good idea of what they grasp and where they could still use some help. IQ tests like these are vastly different from the standardized tests children take at various points throughout their scholastic careers. They don’t focus on the child learning and retaining state-mandated information. We’re not talking about random historical dates, regardless of how significant they are. What would be much more useful than remembering the day the Treaty of Ghent was ratified would be understanding how to see a bad situation and find the best outcome.

The links between healthy bodies and minds are numerous enough that no tip list like this would be complete or even accurate without recommending you get your child into some sort of physical fitness regimen. A daily gym class or a couple of hours a day of physical play are enough for most people, but the problem with this is that most people don’t have access to a gym period in school, or free hours outside of school to make up for sitting behind a desk for 8 hours straight. As the parent, you need to schedule time ahead for your child or children to try endurance training for youth to satisfy this need.

It is a need, too. Without a healthy body, the mind will begin to deteriorate. Without a healthy mind, there’s no telling what might happen to the body. Mental illness is very real and there are a number of diseases and defects a person, even a young child, might be unfortunate enough to get saddled with. Now I’m not telling you to expose your children to all kinds of psychological tests on a regular basis – there comes a point when you’re just being invasive, you know? Talk with your child regularly. Take time to see how they’re feeling, what they’re thinking, how they’re perceiving the world around them.

You might just be surprised at the responses you get, and I don’t mean in the negative my-child-is-sick sort of fashion either. It’s amazing the kinds of insights even we grown folks can get by hearing the perspectives of younger, less jaded people. Even those young people can learn a lot by listening to each other, which is a great reason to socialize your child with other children at or around his or her age. Get them talking, even if it isn’t with you, and you’ll get them developing all kinds of neural networks, thought processes and opinions.

If you need other smart tips handling kids, there’s plenty of reading material available for you. This article is meant to outline a few simple steps, things practically any parent could do for practically any child and expect to get some positive effect out of it. But not every child is the same, and that’s double for the parents. While you’re talking to them, be sure you’re actually listening to how they answer you. Also, be willing to acquiesce now and then to your child. I’m not saying you should let them control you, not at all. But if you try to set them up with an activity they clearly despise, be willing to reorganize.

Some people probably won’t like this next bit, but it’s as true as fresh snow is white if you ask me. People are, essentially, animals. We’re smarter than any animal thanks to a brain which allows for higher thought processes than just “eat” and “sleep”. We respond to conditioning as well as any of Pavlov’s dogs. You must praise results and celebrate curiosity in your children. Give much positive reinforcement when you want them to keep at something, but be willing to provide negative reinforcement if a problem habit appears. Weed out the bad while promoting the good.

As a parent, one of the most important roles you’ll play throughout your child’s life and yay, even to the point of your death, is that of a teacher. Your children will look to you for everything at a young age, just like a chick will look to its mother hen for everything. Even as they grow older and become more independent though, they will see the world comes with a real steep learning curve. You have to seize the moments when there’s something meaningful to teach your children. Don’t expect them to always come to you when they don’t understand something either – you must be persistent about this yourself.

While these tips will certainly be useful for the majority of parents and children who might be reading, I want to again iterate the importance of recognizing those unique traits in both your children and yourself. Nobody is perfect, and you can’t simply move away from your children or ignore them if you find they have an undesirable trait. If working with them in one way fails, try another, then another, until you find something that does work. Nobody said parenting was easy.

Road safety: Issues and concerns

Road safety Issues and concernsIn a recent meeting on road safety, many important issues were raised by the members on raising awareness and understanding the issues in road safety. Educating children on road safety and training them to adhere to safe activities goes a long way in preventing many of the accidents. Both teachers and students benefit from road safety awareness programs. It was decided that educational institutions play a major role in creating awareness about road safety issues and the proper enforcement of traffic rules.

Road accidents

One of the important issues in road safety is the rising incidence of road crashes. Nearly 1.17 million people die due to road accidents worldwide and over 70 percent occur in developing countries. Sixty five percent of the crashes involve pedestrians and of the deaths, 35 percent are kids.

More than 10 million are injured or crippled annually and these figures are likely to increase in future.  It is not the vehicle occupants or drivers who are injured fatally but the bicyclists, pedestrians and occupants of non-motorized vehicles and motorcyclists.

A study done by Harvard University, World Health Organization and World Bank cited road crashes as the ninth important health issue to be concerned of globally. The place is set to move up to third in 2020. A few of the teachers suggested more use of safety features in vehicles like led bar lights that are available at Improper lighting often leads to most of the nighttime crashes.

Traffic safety and economy

Road crashes have a destructive impact on a country’s economy too. The loss of resources is something that countries cannot afford to lose. Further, in developing countries it impairs the economic as well as social development. Proper improvements in road safety are necessary and should be seen as an investment and not as expenditure. Use of proper led lighting such as Prestige led light bars (you can check out these here), in public safety vehicles such as police, fire and EMS is a good option.

Safety plan

A long-term safety plan is necessary, if the road safety conditions are to be improved. Both local and national level institutions should take up solid road safety measures. They need to look for alternative financing sources for achieving the set targets. The United Nations has an effective road safety plan for the Pacific and Asian region, which is an instance of efforts taken towards improving safety. The various interventions programs on demonstration and pilot basis at various levels including schools, workplace etc. effectively helps in better grasp of the measures to be taken.

The participation of diverse categories of sectors and organizations is necessary to reduce the causalities occurring in road crashes.  Multidisciplinary approach helps in curbing the unsafe practices and in adhering to the safe traffic rules and regulations. Proper implementation is the need of the hour. When citizens pitch in and make a wholehearted effort towards proper implementation of safety rules, it is possible to bring about a big improvement. Safety improvements done on roads, regulating traffic properly and effective emergency services help in containing the menace that road crashes pose.