About Us

teachingThe purpose of our blog is to help people understand their human rights and what it means to live in a fair democracy. We are teachers so we also discuss ways that teachers can improve in their classrooms and some of our suggestions include listening to students’ needs, establishing boundaries and discipline in the classroom, and staying after school, if necessary – any means to help students to succeed in and out of the classroom are good. We’re also dedicated to helping our readers improve their lives in general through education, psychological counseling and through financial responsibility.

Human Rights We Discuss On Blog

One issue we discuss on the blog is that of the rights of those with mental health issues, because some of the students we deal with suffer from them. We try to help those struggling with mental health issues to get assistance with their needs and we mention local nonprofit agencies, church groups, and local government agencies. We also talk about the rights of minorities to fair treatment in school and in the workplace. Our mission is to let people know what their rights are so that they will not be taken care of.

Final Word

We hope that this blog will encourage all to value the rights of everyone regardless of age, ethnic background or socioeconomic background. We also want this blog to help teachers succeed and motivate the next generations of  lawyers, doctors, teachers and construction workers. We believe that when we teach children properly we educate a whole nation. Our blog is also designed to inform the public of social services that can help people whose human rights have been violated.  We update our blog posts regularly and we also offer the opportunity for others to share unique blogs on this topic.