5 Unusual Ways to De-Stress Teachers Should Try

There are times when you find teaching to be a thankless job. Everyday routine and stressors can take a toll on your physical and mental health. This is why it is important for all teachers to de-stress, unwind and recharge every now and then.

Although there are tons of all-too-common stress busters, you might want to try some unusual stress-relieving ideas. Below we list some uncommon activities that can help you think from a fresher perspective.

Stay still, play deadDe-Stress Teachers

An odd way of battling stressors is to just lie down on your back and staying still for several minutes. Keep your hands, legs, and body as motionless as possible. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. The “Corpse pose” or Shavasana in yoga is a great way to keep your mind and spirit at peace. While in a position of utter surrender, you allow yourself to just be. Let your mind be free and be aware of your entire body. This might get you look silly but it’s an effective de-stressor.

Try beer bath

Instead of getting drunk on beer, why not take a beer bath? Soaking in a bathtub of beer can be a great way to relax. Beer contains chemicals called phytoestrogens, which are known to have stress-relieving benefits. The fragrance of beer is also thought to help calm your mind. Of course, warm bath itself can have an amazing de-stressing power. Just don’t get tempted to drink all the beer!

Drive and get lost

We, teachers, spend our entire day following routines, staying orderly and structured. While being organized is a must for teachers, it can also be a source of stress. It’s good to break away from daily routine and just try something out of the ordinary. A great way to do this is by getting lost.

Hop into an off-road truck equipped with powerful LED lighting as reviewed in http://lightbarreport.com/, and start driving from dawn till dusk. Drive to somewhere you’ve never been to and explore the ‘unseen’ part of the world! New experiences and sights break away the monotony in your life. Plus, the feeling of being lost can pump up your adrenaline, something you need to fight anxiety.

Play lunchtime game

How many times have you scolded students caught playing games at class? Well, you they might just be trying to teach you a lesson. Sneaking a game of Tetris (or any game for that matter) is a great way to calm yourself. Playing childhood classic for several minutes distracts your brain’s conceptual thinking thereby allowing you to de-stress. When you focus on a game, you get to forget your problems and just try to act like a carefree child.

Get dirty

Find an open field, get your shoes off, and start rolling over the grass. On a rainy day, find a muddy puddle and start thumping on it like a child. This should help you forget the rigors of our profession. As teachers, we are expected to be always on top of our game, to be organized and structured, to be orderly. By getting dirty, you can reconnect with the simple pleasures of the world and realize that life is not all about your profession.

Lastly, de-stressing is all about immersing into any activity that makes you feel free and distracts you from the pressures of life. Find time to do whatever your heart wants. Don’t worry about what others might think. Just do as you please!

Things No One Tells You About Being a Teacher

Things No One Tells You About Being a TeacherEvery kid wants to be a contributing member of society when they grow up. That’s why you hear things like “I want to be a doctor, or a fireman, or a police officer, or… A teacher.” But the thing about childhood dreams is that as a child, they will always seem more romantic. You’re never going to get a complete view. For example, as a fireman you will be away from your family a lot, staying all night at the station. As a doctor, you have around 10 years of post-secondary education AFTER high school. And as a police officer, the pay is not as good as it should be for the work that you’re doing.

However, I CAN tell you what a teacher’s life is like firsthand, and the “perception vs. reality” that goes with this job. Here are a few things no one tells you about being a teacher:

You Get a LOT of Time Off

Let me preface this by saying that teachers do have to work really hard during the school season. Your weekend will be filled with lesson planning, as will most of your nights. However, your work schedule follows the school season. Which means that you get basically May-August totally off. You also get Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, as well as all random school day. This is GREAT news for me; I’m a big fan of wilderness camping, so I have months where I can go on adventures to my heart’s content. I just stocked up on machetes from Ask Lancelot for my South American trip this upcoming break… There aren’t many jobs where you can plan your vacation so far in advance and be sure of getting it! So, while we do work hard, we are also rewarded with plenty of off time to feel better.

Lesson Planning

Lesson planning will take over your life as a teacher. You will be ending up spending so much more time than you think planning for the week, the next day, and the whole semester. Did you have any teachers in school that mostly just played movies during class time? It’s because the alternative is NOT spending time with your family and hanging out with them because you have lessons to plan. I didn’t know how much of my time would be spent doing this. It’s satisfying to plan and make it happen, but it is time-consuming.

The Students

You will have every type of student in your classroom. There will be those that really care, those that really DON’T care, and those that are just strange. But every type of student will give you new stories. The good ones will warm your heart, the bad one will… Make you angry, and the strange ones will make you either confused or laugh. It takes all kinds to make a world! But if you love teaching, it is because of the students. They are what makes the job rewarding at the end of the day.

The Essentials of Life are Education and Clean Water

The Essentials of Life are Education and Clean WaterThe sad truth about education is that it’s not about learning anymore. It’s about money. The more money you have, the better your chance is of getting an education. There are not enough scholarships to go around to cater for the poor. Governments get around the cost of college education by applying a debt to the student who has to pay it back after graduation. Primary and secondary schooling are supposed to be free, but they are from it. The cost of books, school uniforms sometimes and stationery can all add up to a decent amount, especially if you don’t have a lot of money to spare.

Did you know that 20% of the world’s population are illiterate? That’s about 1 billion people who have either little or no basic reading skills. It’s no coincidence that more than 95% of these people all live in the poorest of countries. No money means no education. What’s even more disastrous is that there is no immediate end to the cycle. Children being born to poor parents who are illiterate will end up the same.

Philanthropic organisations and individuals do as much as they can to assist with money and volunteers, but it’s like trying to shout “Stop” in front of an elephant stampede. People in this situation find it almost impossible to extricate themselves from it, or bring about change. One reason is that due to lack of education, they don’t know any better. What we perceive as being a hard life they see as being normal.

Third world countries suffer from not only lack of education but the lack of clean drinking water. The statistics are as damning as those in illiteracy. 800 million people do not have access to safe drinking water. More than 8 million die each year from the consequences of water-related disease. Some countries are too busy making war to see that allocation of war funds to global education might be a better idea.

People that live in modern, first world countries also seem to have a problem with the purity of their water. We appear to have lost confidence in drinking water from the tap as can be evidenced by the amount of bottled water we drink and the proliferation of water softeners and purifying systems. ‘Hard’ water is the word applied to water that has an excessive amount of minerals in it, the main culprit being calcium. That mightn’t sound serious but soaping up in the shower and washing clothes is tough. Try drinking the stuff. It tastes terrible. If it’s a problem you have, then check this out. It might help.

Governments can be blamed for our water tasting the way it does because they, under reliable scientific advice, added fluoride to water supplies to help stop the rotting of your teeth. Have you ever been camping and your tent is set up next to a river being fed by melting snow from the mountains? Fill your container and have a drink. It’s about as refreshing a taste of water you will ever experience.

Literacy vs. the right education

Literacy vs. the right educationThere is no substitution for education. Education is something that will be the best possessed stuff you can ever possess in your lifetime and which could never go away. The knowledge of a person is like a vessel with a magic spell that would never go empty no matter how much you take stuffs out of it. It is something no snatcher could snatch or no robber could rob. Yet education is the most neglected piece of possession in many parts of the world and thus we see how the world is going towards self destruction.

Literacy and the right education are two different things that one must understand. It may be the case that you are literate but still if you do not have the right education then your knowledge will not flourish and you can never become a true human being.

Knowledge and education goes hand in hand. The right knowledge will educate you with the basic and the most valuable lessons of your live. And this will come from not the best education institutions but form the parents itself. The brain of a small child is like a moldable sponge. You can form whatever shape you want to form. It will become how you treat it in its early days. Children are like sponge and they absorb whatever they see and understand in their surroundings. They collect these in formations and feed them to their system and ultimate develop them surrounding them making those memories from their childhood as the most idealistic. Thus it is the duty of the parents to give the children the right set of ideals to grow up. Thus the most essential thing we need is not the best institutions but the right kind of education.

Education and the knowledge to do the right stuff are like the digital multimeters from http://multimeterreport.com/ in our lives. They keep a tap on our path that we are pursuing and constantly ask us the question if we are doing the right thing or not. It is in constant conversation to our conscience and helps us thus becoming a better man. If we just look around the present condition all over the world, what we see really shivers us. The people or agents of death, agents of utmost inhumanity are sometimes found to be much educated and qualified and certified technicians in their fields, yet can we surely tell that these people despite having one or many highly qualifying degrees of literacy have the right kind of education? Well, the question is wide open for all.

What is the call of the hour is that we should become much more than just literates. We should pursue knowledge that will have the right impact on the society and help not only in our progress but for the progress of the whole society and entire humanity at large. We must not forget that we are not just the stake holders in the community or the society we live in but we are the cause of the community or society as they flourish and are portrayed in the world stage as we behave, in form of our actions and words.

Active Bodies Promote Active Minds

Clock nearing the midnightHave you sometimes noticed how much you struggle to study at night? And when you’ve finally called it a night, have you noticed how restless your sleep was? You may be feeling the pressure, stressed to the limit thinking about the next morning’s exam or your overdue assignment.

Also, your young body has become tired of playing catch up. You are left wondering; how did it all come to this. You are also asking yourself; why did I allow it to happen. There can be many good reasons why you have not been copying with your college studies, and they weren’t always your fault.

Stop blaming yourself

Man in despairBut because you are essentially a mature and responsible young adult, you place all the blame on your shoulders. Stop what you are doing and take a deep breath. This will be a lesson in self-promotion.

Because you are responsible, you have other work to attend to. It drains you physically, mentally and emotionally. This is normal, given the circumstances we find ourselves in today.

Everyone has to work a little harder to keep up their ends. So, rest assured, you are not alone.

At this stage, do not stop to wonder how other successful students manage. Forget about the privileged students who only need to show up on time for classes every day. Stop watching others because chances are you may not be able to keep up anyway.

And what better way to do this than to get into shape. In order to get this right, you may need to make some sacrificial changes along the way. In any case, life is about to change for the better for you.

Improving mental health

Physical exercise is one of the best ways of improving your mental health which will also improve your ability to study effectively and achieve successful outcomes. Because you are a college student, you may also want to remain socially active. Take up a sport or two. Not sure where to start? You can visit websites such as these to find out how you can become involved and what you need to get started.

Sport is also a great way to relieve tension. So, perhaps you don’t have an inclination towards team sports. You can pursue the alternatives which allow you to spend more time on your own. You could join a boxing club and practice alone on punching bags. Or you could join a golf driving range and simply take swings whenever you’ve had a chance to get away from work or classes. Unless you are truly serious about maintaining your sense of direction during your time off or beginning to take your chosen sport seriously, you won’t need a GPS navigation system any day soon.

During bouts of physical exertion, the emphasis should always be on relaxation anyway. Just try regular brisk walks in your nearby park every other day and see what a difference it makes to you after a few weeks.

Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

A business man rushing through the streetsIf you are one of those who are constantly in a rush, you might want to ask yourself if it is really necessary to lead such a hectic life, and whether there is something you can do to make it easier for yourself.

We believe that there are plenty of ways to minimize the effort a person needs to put into doing things, and since that is our opinion, we are in a constant search for things that can make an individual’s life easier.

If you think that it would be great to spend some quality time with your children instead of having to waste it on things that are not that important, you might be interesting in what we are about to present to you. Below is a list of tools that are available on the market, and that include everything from mobile apps to actual tools.


If your job involves making presentations, or if you simply want to improve your organization skills, you might like this simple tool. Infogram is an online tool that lets you turn any data into charts and diagrams. Apart from being very intuitive, it also allows you to create a chart in two quick and easy steps.

Oscillating tools

If you would rather do something yourself, then take it to a professional, you might want to invest in an oscillating tool. It is a great multipurpose tool, the reviews of which you can find on this website, but since it can be used in so many different ways, we are going to take this opportunity to say something about the way it works.

An oscillating tool is like an electric drill that you can use with a large number of different blades and other extensions. It lets you do everything from sawing and slicing to making that finishing touch that you never thought you could do by yourself. For those who want to learn more about it, OSCILLATINGTOOLSDEPOT will be a good place to start.

Wocket Smart Wallet

This little gadget will make your life much easier, especially if you are using a lot of different credit cards. You can program it with all your information, and then use it for online purchases without fumbling through your wallet every time you need to make a transaction.

Smartphone reading glasses

If you are one of those whose job requires sitting in front of a gleaming screen all day long, you will be thrilled to hear that there are glasses specially designed to keep you from feeling like your eyes will fall out.


This handy new gadget will make you want to do yoga again. The specially designed mat records your every movement, allows you to track your progress and alerts you when you make the wrong pose. It is a real time-saver, since it rids you of the need to go to yoga classes.

Laptop lock

If you want to stop worrying about someone stealing your laptop, you might want to consider investing in a laptop lock. This simple tool

Reasons Why Green Tea Is Good For You

Reasons Why Green Tea Is Good For YouDid you know that taking some foods can help you in the pursuit to lose weight; though they may not be really effective when taken alone but coupled with other weight losing methods such as daily workouts the results would be faster. One of these foods is green tea.

Drinking a cup or two of green tea everyday will go a long way not only to help you reduce your weight, but give you multiple health benefits.  Green tea is rich in bioactive antioxidants such as caffeine and catechin; it is through the combined benefits of these two that helps reduce your body weight. How? You may ask, here some of the key reasons;

Green tea is known to mildly suppress someone’s appetite you are likely to take less food daily translating to lower daily calorie intake; this means that you will eventually lose weight since the body has to burn more stored fats for daily energy.

Caffeine is classified as a mild stimulant hence when you take green tea you body will be more active, this signifies that you are likely to burn more fats after taking the green tea than you did before. You are also more stimulated to perform more tasks than before hence the end result will be a gradual decline of your weight, overtime. Caffeine also stimulates the brain to give you better brain function.

Catechin on the other hand is responsible for boosting metabolism specifically through thermogenesis. Your body loves to store fat like a sturdy gun safe. The presence of catechin in the blood stream stimulates body cells to break down body fats as a source of body heat (the process of thermogenesis); hence ensuring reduction in your cholesterol levels. Taking green tea and doing workout activities such as boxing, martial arts such as taekwondo, karate and other physically demanding activities is likely to give you that light body weight that most of us crave for.

Green tea also has diuretic properties in that it helps speeding the process of removal of excess body water, since water constitutes a great percentage of our bodies total weight; losing water will translate to losing weight, therefore it’s safe to say that green tea is the best tea for weight loss.

All in all drinking green tea is a great way to supplement the usual weight losing procedures and you should try it if you feel the need to lose weight, however it should be noted that note all brands will give the same results. For the best result use natural green tea since it’s likely to have more concentration of the antioxidants.

Apart from the weight loss benefits, the powerful antioxidants in green tea can help limit the uncontrolled growth of body cells, which is the main cause of various cancer illnesses, hence it is safe to say that people who take green tea have a lower probability of getting cancer. The catechins contained in green are known to kill bacteria and inhibit viruses, hence boosting the body’s defense system and giving you a generally healthier body.

Green tea is now one of the world’s healthiest drinks for the above reasons and many more others. It should be noted that adding milk to your cup of green tea will lower the antioxidants concentration hence making it less effective, you are therefore advised to take it pure for better health benefits.

Real Simple Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Real Simple Tips To Keep Your Kitchen OrganizedThe kitchen is the heart of a home. That sounds lovely, but that isn’t always the case.

For many of us, the kitchen is a place we can’t live without – the first place you get into when you wake up and the last before you leave for school. But unfortunately, it is also the last place we ever think of tidying up. Our busy schedule seemed to be a convenient excuse for keeping the kitchen disorganized and untidy. As such, many find the kitchen a source of frustration instead of delight.

Here are a few simple, yet very effective ways for keeping the kitchen a lot more organized!

  1. Add shelves, pegs or railing on a wall. Maximize every space you have in the kitchen including the walls. A pegboard, shelf or railings enable you to store pans, pots, or utensils. Plus, they also look good.
  2. Keep trash bins under the sink to save floor space.
  3. Keep things you frequently use in the kitchen within easy reach. Dedicate a drawer for most commonly used kitchen tools, such as scissors or knives. Make sure you only store tools that you will use on a daily basis or more frequently. This way, you won’t have to mess up everywhere looking for the kitchen tool you need.
  4. Remove all items that do not belong to the kitchen. Bags, electrical fittings, CDs, books, etc. are not supposed to be in the kitchen. Clear them up.
  5. Organize your fridge. Keep foods items in zip locked plastic and label them. For a more organized storage of perishable goods, you would benefit from a vacuum sealer. Lately, I’ve been reading reviews website about the different vacuum sealers for home use.
  6. Store flat items vertically using a divider. Items such as cutting boards or cookie sheets often get buried under a stack of pans or pots. So, whenever you need them, you tend to disorganize everything and leave a heap of mess.
  7. Keep small items in little plastic bins. Bottles of cleanser, plastic baggies, and the likes can make your kitchen look cluttered.
  8. Get several uniform containers (square or rectangular shape). Place all oddly shaped items in these containers. The straight lines of these containers help prevent waste of space.
  9. Stack cans, bottles, and other grocery items neatly as soon as you arrive home. Don’t wait for later as you will end up not doing it anyway.
  10. Buy only what you need. If you have a large kitchen, buying several boxes of baking soda is not a problem, but if you have a limited space, unnecessary items can only add up to clutter. So, be sure to buy only items you need. Better yet, make a list before you go to the grocery.

Finally, de-cluttering your kitchen regularly is the best solution to your kitchen woes. Develop a habit of cleaning the kitchen at least 15 minutes every day and you’ll be surprised at the huge difference it can make. Also, investing on kitchen organization products and equipment, such as a vacuum sealer, can greatly help in your goal of maintaining a clean, clutter-free kitchen.

Road safety: Issues and concerns

Road safety Issues and concernsIn a recent meeting on road safety, many important issues were raised by the members on raising awareness and understanding the issues in road safety. Educating children on road safety and training them to adhere to safe activities goes a long way in preventing many of the accidents. Both teachers and students benefit from road safety awareness programs. It was decided that educational institutions play a major role in creating awareness about road safety issues and the proper enforcement of traffic rules.

Road accidents

One of the important issues in road safety is the rising incidence of road crashes. Nearly 1.17 million people die due to road accidents worldwide and over 70 percent occur in developing countries. Sixty five percent of the crashes involve pedestrians and of the deaths, 35 percent are kids.

More than 10 million are injured or crippled annually and these figures are likely to increase in future.  It is not the vehicle occupants or drivers who are injured fatally but the bicyclists, pedestrians and occupants of non-motorized vehicles and motorcyclists.

A study done by Harvard University, World Health Organization and World Bank cited road crashes as the ninth important health issue to be concerned of globally. The place is set to move up to third in 2020. A few of the teachers suggested more use of safety features in vehicles like led bar lights that are available at http://lightbarreport.com/. Improper lighting often leads to most of the nighttime crashes.

Traffic safety and economy

Road crashes have a destructive impact on a country’s economy too. The loss of resources is something that countries cannot afford to lose. Further, in developing countries it impairs the economic as well as social development. Proper improvements in road safety are necessary and should be seen as an investment and not as expenditure. Use of proper led lighting such as Prestige led light bars (you can check out these here), in public safety vehicles such as police, fire and EMS is a good option.

Safety plan

A long-term safety plan is necessary, if the road safety conditions are to be improved. Both local and national level institutions should take up solid road safety measures. They need to look for alternative financing sources for achieving the set targets. The United Nations has an effective road safety plan for the Pacific and Asian region, which is an instance of efforts taken towards improving safety. The various interventions programs on demonstration and pilot basis at various levels including schools, workplace etc. effectively helps in better grasp of the measures to be taken.

The participation of diverse categories of sectors and organizations is necessary to reduce the causalities occurring in road crashes.  Multidisciplinary approach helps in curbing the unsafe practices and in adhering to the safe traffic rules and regulations. Proper implementation is the need of the hour. When citizens pitch in and make a wholehearted effort towards proper implementation of safety rules, it is possible to bring about a big improvement. Safety improvements done on roads, regulating traffic properly and effective emergency services help in containing the menace that road crashes pose.

Kayaking Tips For a Fun-Filled and Joyous Experience

Kayaking Tips For a Fun-Filled and Joyous ExperienceThe members of our association were busy preparing for a trip into the mountains. They had it all planned out. We would go on a hiking trip and later go kayaking in the lake situated nearby. Since it was the first time for a  few of the members, those who had already experience in hiking and kayaking were giving tips on how to prepare for the trip and the things to carry along.

Most importantly, they stressed on the things we had to avoid carrying as the more weight you carry the faster you will get tired and it will hamper your enjoyment largely. And since kayaking was new to many of them they were a bit apprehensive about the success of the expedition. But I put their mind to rest giving them some well needed advice, which fortunately they followed to the letter while on our trip. Here are some basic guidelines that any beginner in kayaking should know about.


Kayaking involves using intricate strokes, proper maneuvers and the right balance between the paddle, boat and the person involved. You need to have some amount of physical fitness for the paddling. It needs core and arm strength to some extent, so you do not tire soon. Generally, the sport is one that anyone can take up and master easily, provided you have some practice at it. Before you start your journey in water, you need to know certain things like choosing the best kayak (this website is a great place to start), what you need to carry along with you and kayaking safely.

Appropriate attire

Even if the attire is dependent on the weather conditions of the location you choose to kayak, the main consideration you should have in mind is the water temperature, instead of the temperature of air. In case the kayak turns over, the water temperature can affect how you deal with the situation. The ideal way to attire is put on quick drying clothes in layers. Glasses and hats for protection and sunscreen are must. The footwear should also be considered. Choose sturdy water shoes or sandals of strap on type. Choosing the right gear is also very important as the kayak.

Ideal boat for best experience

High quality kayaks offer the best kayaking experience. Look through KayakOuch.Com to see some top quality kayaks. The kayaks are of different sizes and lengths. When you get a good one, you can have more fun. Paddling is also easier when you choose a good kayak.

Rescuing practice

While calm lake waters do not pose any capsizing threat, it is better to be always prepared. There is safety rescue gear such as pumps for removing water that enters the kayak, life vests, inflatable floats on the paddle, which helps you to get back into the boat after it capsizes, as it aids in forming a stabilizing type of outrigger.

There is training classes conducted on basic rescue and advanced whitewater classes too. These are not too long and extend to just 4 or 5 days maximum. All gear and kayaks can be rented on hourly basis. Therefore, when you have a little practice, it is easy to go on a long kayaking expedition and enjoy the thrill and exhilaration completely.