How Music Teachers Change Lives

Math and science teachers provide the skills that children need to perform basic work tasks. English teachers provide the literacy and communication ability children will need for jobs later on. And sports coaches teach children how to work as a team and recover from setbacks and losses. But what role to music teachers play in the lives of children after school? As it turns out, music education helps children in a variety of ways, all of which they will use later in life.


Just like learning a sport, learning music forces you to practice the same skills constantly to improve them. When you learn music, or teach it to someone else, you reinforce the idea that nothing good comes without work. It simply isn’t possible to learn how to play amazing music without spending lots of time playing terrible-sounding music first. When children learn that practice and mastery are two sides of the same coin, their lives will get much easier. Most job-related frustration stems from the fact that you think you should be able to perform a task, when in reality you just don’t have the skills needed for it yet. But if you’ve practiced your practicing ability, you won’t be one of the frustrated people!

Attention to Detail

When you’re playing the piano, a simple change in the angle of your hand can affect how you’re playing sounds. This attention to detail is what really sets musicians apart from other people; if you’re willing to pay attention to small things to make your playing sound better, there is a good chance you will go far in life. For example, if you want to become a nurse with a huge knowledge base, you’re going to need all the attention to detail that you can get!

Patience and Time Management

There are very few musicians who are impatient when it comes to work. Most musicians realize that good things take time, and therefore don’t worry about rushing. At the same time, musicians have to handle crazy practice schedules to get ready for recitals and concerts. Music teachers instill in their students a great sense of time management and the patience to wait for results, taking them as they come. The biggest part of time management comes when you have multiple songs that you’re learning. Its best to figure out what percentage of your time should be spent on each song. You should spend more time on the hard songs, but you can’t let the easier ones fall by the wayside either.

Music teachers teach skills that are hard to measure, unlike math or science. However, these skills will help students with all other skills in life. Because if you know how to manage your time, practice your skills, and pay attention to small details, you will almost always go far in life.

The alarming face of the virtual world

The alarming face of the virtual worldTime is an ever changing thing. It does not stop for no one. It carries on no matter what comes and what goes on. It is always irrelevant of the surrounding moving along with a constant flow like some monotonous music whose tunes are being played on and on without stop. It is like some good old musical instrument, like the one you can find at, whose music though constant never gets old or boring, for not even once. But again with the changing time the age and the factors and characteristics of that particular time periods changes as well. So neither time nor its characterizing aspects are ever constant.

So how can people from different periods of time have the same set of mind if the time itself is changing? With change of every decade and with the advancement in the technology with this passage of time the newer generations are born with a completely new set of ideas and perception of things. Sometimes these ideas and concepts are good as they define the society and the life and living of the people in a whole new way and sometimes, as any other thing it brings along some odd and bad aspects with them, as well, which are sometimes quite alarming.

Humans are social animals and we are programmed to function in groups. Since civilization people of the same trait and same habits have lived together forming ethnic groups and hence forming nations. But the new generations are trending more with the idea of globalization. They are not bound to the boundaries of a specific nation or country as they make the world their world. The world is their family. The internet is their neighborhood. They have their social as well as official communications through this medium of worldwide net. Whether you need an appliance for home or a stationary for work you can just log on to some site to access it. If your favorite musical instrument needs to be replaced and you need something new to encourage your hobby for music you just have to electric violin for window shopping for the newest trendy electrical violins and not out in the streets, from one shop to another. This makes thing accessible to all from anywhere they are.

But again this is after all a virtual world where you will know your friends not by their faces but by their username. While chatting with one another you can’t make out how the person on the other side of the computer window or your tab or smart phone screen is emotionally taking your words or speaking to you. This leads to misinterpretation of things and thus leads to grave consequence. This virtual world is drawing attention of all especially the youngsters in an alarming manner and they are now more interested to talk to people through electronic medium than verbally, face to face. This is making kids and youngsters socially incompetent to communicate to others. They are become more restless and intolerant and thus medical problems and like obesity and depressions and flooding into them along with other consequential health problems.

We must change with the moving time but the change should be gradual and for the long term benefit for one and all.

Youth’s Modern Beliefs Vs. Core Values

Youth's Modern Beliefs Vs. Core ValuesThere has been much talk about the attitudes of our youth today and how it contrasts with the values of older generations. Today’s younger generation is also known as the Millennials and they were born between 1981 and probably the early 90s although some have mentioned generation Y which extends from the 90s forward. Millennials and Generation Y members do have a set of values that some find troubling while others find refreshing depending on the person.

Some of The Main Qualities of Younger Generation

Today’s youth are more tech savvy than in previous decades and this means that they are accustomed to completing tasks quickly and they no longer have to wait hours to gather research or do other things. Another quality of the younger generation is the sense of entitlement that they possess at times. It is this quality that irritates many in the older generations since they believe that a person achieves success through hard work and having humility in their lives. We also see that younger persons are high achievers and they strive to do well in all aspects of life.

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