Literacy vs. the right education

Literacy vs. the right educationThere is no substitution for education. Education is something that will be the best possessed stuff you can ever possess in your lifetime and which could never go away. The knowledge of a person is like a vessel with a magic spell that would never go empty no matter how much you take stuffs out of it. It is something no snatcher could snatch or no robber could rob. Yet education is the most neglected piece of possession in many parts of the world and thus we see how the world is going towards self destruction.

Literacy and the right education are two different things that one must understand. It may be the case that you are literate but still if you do not have the right education then your knowledge will not flourish and you can never become a true human being.

Knowledge and education goes hand in hand. The right knowledge will educate you with the basic and the most valuable lessons of your live. And this will come from not the best education institutions but form the parents itself. The brain of a small child is like a moldable sponge. You can form whatever shape you want to form. It will become how you treat it in its early days. Children are like sponge and they absorb whatever they see and understand in their surroundings. They collect these in formations and feed them to their system and ultimate develop them surrounding them making those memories from their childhood as the most idealistic. Thus it is the duty of the parents to give the children the right set of ideals to grow up. Thus the most essential thing we need is not the best institutions but the right kind of education.

Education and the knowledge to do the right stuff are like the digital multimeters from in our lives. They keep a tap on our path that we are pursuing and constantly ask us the question if we are doing the right thing or not. It is in constant conversation to our conscience and helps us thus becoming a better man. If we just look around the present condition all over the world, what we see really shivers us. The people or agents of death, agents of utmost inhumanity are sometimes found to be much educated and qualified and certified technicians in their fields, yet can we surely tell that these people despite having one or many highly qualifying degrees of literacy have the right kind of education? Well, the question is wide open for all.

What is the call of the hour is that we should become much more than just literates. We should pursue knowledge that will have the right impact on the society and help not only in our progress but for the progress of the whole society and entire humanity at large. We must not forget that we are not just the stake holders in the community or the society we live in but we are the cause of the community or society as they flourish and are portrayed in the world stage as we behave, in form of our actions and words.

How effective is the Human Right to Education?

How effective is the Human Right to EducationThe members of our association were as usual debating intensely on a recent human rights violation issue one of the members had come across at school. We often get into heated discussions on the pros and cons of various important issues that come up frequently in our meetings.

The member, who had encountered the issue we were discussing currently, had been standing all day long at school trying to solve the situation. He said that fortunately he had his nicer shoes on, which he got at NicerShoes.Com, he didn’t feel tired standing the whole day. The right to education is something that every citizen is entitled to. It ensures easy access to education for children. They can go to good quality schools as a result and get an education that helps them develop their personality positively and totally.

There are six human right principles that are followed fundamentally to ensure right to education is accessible to everyone in the United States. The educational reforms that have been rolled out for the past several years have been aimed at this objective only. The six principles related to human rights include,

Individual rights

Each individual child should have access equally to quality education, which is adapted in such a way that it meets her or his requirements appropriately.

Aims of Education

This principle is directed towards developing the personality of each child, so the child gets to reach her full potential. This also involves preparing children for participation in society and work towards a rewarding and remunerative career. And to continue their education all through their lifetime.


The schools should respect the dignity present inherently in every child. This will allow in the creation of an environment that is filled with tolerance and respect in classroom and effectively prevent disciplinary practices and policies that result in humiliation or harm to the children. This will result in proper nurturing of self-expression and self-confidence.


The resources should be distributed equally across different communities based on the requirement present.


It is the responsibility of the government to ensure the human right to education is implemented without any kind of discrimination in relation to color, race, language, sex, political, religion, national, social, birth, property or any other status.


Communities, parents and students can participate in the decisions that influence or affect their right to education or the schools they are receiving education in.

While all these principles are well and good, according to the Pearson Group analysis United States ranks 17th of the 40 countries featuring in the list of quality education. What the United States lacks from the countries above it in the list, is a fundamental obligation to provide statutory or constitutional guarantee of providing right to education. The key to get this imbalance right is by making education centralized. Most often, the values and assumptions that surround the education system are at fault than the system by itself.  This shows that an amendment in the constitution is the need of the hour to get improved results and avoid violation of the right to education that is still rampant in the country.

Aiming for Personal Responsibility

Aiming for Personal ResponsibilityOne of the things about teaching children and young adults everyday is that teachers know the value of personal responsibility and they often begin to see places to teach the value responsibility in their lives outside of work.  I recently had an opportunity to see how a young man was learning this value when I took a weekend trip hiking and camping at a popular site outside of town recently.

After I had set up my tent and relaxed for a bit, I decided to take a hike. Whole out in the countryside, I happened upon a young man and his father. They were both obviously very close and shared many interests in common, including an obvious love of the great outdoors. The father was teaching his son to shoot an air gun. I am very aware of how guns can be misused, but I am honestly not particularly knowledgeable or comfortable around them otherwise.

So, I was not sure what to do as a bystander who had happened upon them, but the father saw me almost immediately and told his son to put the gun down. They then were kind enough to say hello and introduce themselves to me. I asked what they were doing, and they both explained that the son wanted to learn to shoot and that the father and thought it best to get him actual lessons and to have him practice with him before letting him proceed any further with shooting.

Aiming for Personal ResponsibilityI asked the younger stranger about his decision to learn and what his lessons entailed and I was impressed by how well spoken and adult he sounded. His father was obviously proud of how he was able to articulate his reasons for wanting to learn to shoot, especially since it is sometimes a controversial issue. The young man obviously just wanted a basic knowledge and I have no doubt that he will be very careful and safe in the future. After I had become a little more comfortable with the meeting, I went on to ask him the model of his air gun. It was a Crossman M4 177, and he was obviously very proud of it even though it technically belong to his father.

After this very brief conversation, I said my goodbyes and went on my way. As I was leaving, I heard the father remind his pupil about some of the basics of gun safety before they proceeded. Later on, I saw them both near where the campsite as and we all had pitched out tents or parked our campers.

They greeted me warmly and even invited me to share in making s’mores with them over their campfire, and we continued our conversation from earlier and also chatted about the boy’s favorite subjects in school and his love of sports. It is always nice to see an example of good parenting, father and son bonding and the advocacy of personal responsibility in action. I wish them both the best.