Common Daily Classroom Problems

If you’ve been a teacher for longer than a day, I promise you’ve run into classroom problems before. These problems can be anything from small things like a child forgetting lunch that day all the way up to truly sad family problems. No matter what the issue, it is your job as a teacher to resolve it as best you can. This is what sets some teachers apart is great, while the others fall by the wayside. I want to talk about a few issues I run into almost every school year, and they ways that I deal with them.

Not Paying Attention

I’ve listed this one first because there are so many sides to this problem. Some children don’t pay attention because they really are just being annoying. However, some children have more complex reasons that they’re goofing off in class. Sozmetimes it’s because there are circumstances at home that cause they to care much less about school. Sometimes it is because they have ADD and their parents have not taken steps to help them work through the issue. No matter what, as a teacher I have to try my best to figure out the REASON they are not paying attention. Usually it’s easy to tell. If a child is being malicious, I can tell because they don’t pay attention in class and don’t even pretend to care. Children who are distracted because of personal circumstances are typically eager to learn, they just go off into their own world sometimes. It really just depends!

Having Trouble In Class

Much like the first issue, there are often several causes for this. Is the child having trouble because the class is really hard, or because he or she just doesn’t like it? Or is it because the child stayed up all night the night before playing with his new airsoft gun from GunsWildfire? Once you narrow down the reason, it will be much easier to deal with the problem. One reason many children don’t care about schoolwork is because of the teacher. Are you SURE that you’re teaching the class in a way that is engaging? Take a hard look at yourself before you point the finger at your students.

Not Doing Homework

Sadly, I’ve found this one is rarely totally innocent, if it’s a common theme. Someone who forgot to turn in their science homework once probably didn’t mean anything by it, but someone who refuses to do their work as a constant pattern is not doing it by accident. There are a few ways you can deal with this. First, be gracious the first time they forget, but don’t be so forgiving if it happens again. Twice in a row is a little bit much. And if it happens a 3rd time, you need to talk very firmly to the child and let them know that behavior will not be tolerated. As a last resort, you can talk to the parents if you believe that will help. But with all problems, talk to the child first.

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