Importance of Studying IT in Schools

Importance of Studying IT in SchoolsDeciding on a major in college is one of the most difficult choices any person will make in his or her life. A field of study should yield a good deal of new knowledge for an aspiring student, but it should also be something with which that student can make a decent living, once they’re finished with school and ready to move into the working world. Healthcare is a booming career field these days, but many folks don’t want to take care of the injured, sick or dying. I don’t blame them. I’ve never been in a hospital I liked.

Another booming field that only promises further growth is Information Technology, or IT. Majoring in IT or a field related to it is a solid choice because there are always technology related jobs, like programmers, working in offices, or project managers, working at certified tier 3 data centers. Yes, some IT positions are pretty basic, involving rudimentary work keeping computers running in places like warehouses, supermarkets and other workplaces.

However, the IT field also produces plenty of designers and architects, some of which design modern data centre concept and effectively revolutionize the way information is stored and shared. These are like modern day librarians in a sense, since they categorize and sort information in a way that makes it easy to find when searched for later. Unlike librarians though, they need a great deal of intensive, hands-on education and technical knowledge to perform their job duties. Creating and maintaining data centers involves much more than placing books on shelves in alphabetical order, that’s for sure.

There are certainly other fields where one might make a killing, but if you’re looking for a truly solid educational investment, studying IT is more or less guaranteed to pay off in the end. Like health care which I already mentioned, IT is a field which will see only increasing demand for skilled people as we move towards the future. The only way there would suddenly be less of a need for good IT professionals is if we have, like, World War 3 or something, and electronic data storage, computers and all that end up destroyed, and we lose the knowledge on how to create them.

That horrific scene I’m describing is less likely to happen than me winning the lottery, as far as I’m concerned. If you really think about it, the fact that the cloud even exists is proof that it will keep on existing. Because all that information is out there and ready to be retrieved, it would be hard to get rid of in a single, swift movement. It’s not like burning out a library, where a bunch of books are stored. Hundreds or even thousands of people all have the information stored in these data centers, on their own computers and devices, so it is pretty much impossible for it to be lost.

My doom-saying aside, the importance of studying IT in schools is still hard to argue against. If you don’t have another thing you’re skilled at, or if you’re looking for a skillset you can rely upon from the time you get out of school to the time you go into the ground, IT is it.

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