The Importance and Power of Education

The Importance and Power of EducationIt has been said that without the best education, it will be almost impossible for someone to find a good job and build financial independence. A good education doesn’t always mean a degree from a four year university but you can get a solid education from a community college or through an apprenticeship where you get on the job training. Here are some of the advantages of getting a good education.

You Gain Lifelong Knowledge

One of the best reasons to get an education is because it contributes to lifelong knowledge as you get older. Gaining an education doesn’t end when you leave college because you’ll also need education to give you the information needed to succeed in the practical aspects of life such as marriage, childrearing, spirituality, employment, and understanding the world around you. For example, you may obtain education by attending business seminars or homeownership classes.

Your Employment Chances Improve

Even though it is tough to find a good job as a college graduate these days because of a bad economy, you didn’t waste your time in college because generally a college degree is the stepping stone towards a career where you can utilize the skills you obtained in school and your innate talents. The key is to network as often as possible after graduation and you can do this by joining local professional groups and getting leads from relatives and friends.

You Get Innovative Ideas

Getting an education doesn’t mean that you have to work for someone else your entire life. Having a solid education allows you to tap into your creativity and think of innovative ideas that you can use to start a business with. For example, if you studied economics in college and you completed an internship at an accounting firm, you may decide to open your own bank to service low income neighborhoods in your city.

You’ll Have A Higher Standard of Living

When you’re a college student you’re likely to have a higher paying job and as a result it will be easier to enter and maintain a middle class lifestyle for years. This means that you’ll be able to move in a better neighborhood and you will be able to afford a nice car. You’ll be able to save money for the future through retirement accounts and you can save for your child’s education.

Stronger Social Skills

Another benefit of getting a good education is that you have stronger social skills. While you’re in college you’re establishing new friendships and you’re learning how to communicate in a professional setting through your experiences in the classroom and through internships. You’re able to communicate confidently about social issues and you can hold conversations with others in a respectful way.


Whether you’re a college graduate or a high school graduate who went straight into the workforce, you know how important a good education is to your life overall and you will reap these benefits on a daily basis.

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