Underrated Classes in School

Underrated Classes in SchoolThe school systems of every country have a few subjects that they prioritize. Math, science, and grammar are a few of the subjects that are seen as more important in almost all schools. But what about the subjects that don’t get as much attention? What are some subjects that not enough people talk about? I have talked with quite a few teachers from all different schools, and I’ve come up with a few subjects that don’t get enough attention from the school system. Here are some classes and subjects that students need to know, but very few get to learn.


When kids get out of high school, most don’t know how to file taxes or create a budget of their own. I’m not sure why geometry is seen as an essential skill but balancing a checkbook is not, but that needs to change. Math is really important, and you need that for finance, but it would be useful to students if the system changed a bit. If math focused more on practical aspects such as spreadsheets or applied financial statistics, students would be able to see how math affects their lives. As things stand now, it’s hard to convince a student that math will help them in the long run or that they will even use it in their lifetime.

Practical Science

It’s nice to know that water is 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom, but it’s so much better to show students how that’s useful to know in real life. For example, natural science class could talk about space and look through telescopes from Like Hubble, then talk about how companies like SpaceX are working to send people to space in the next few years. Showing the value of what you’re teaching is everything. Science is a must-know for students, but as they get older you should show why science is so important. Another example is using Raspberry Pi computers to teach programming in a fun way.

Another fun way to teach natural science is to take students on bird-watching trips or other nature tours. Make sure you get a telescope designed for bird-watching! Nature trips are fun for students. Even if you can’t make it all the way out to a nature park, try a botanical garden. The plant life alone will keep students occupied for hours.


Drama is often overlooked by students who want to play sports or something similar. But drama actually helps students with public speaking, confidence, and memory. It takes a lot of courage to get on stage and remember your lines, and then execute them confidently. I firmly believe students would benefit from drama classes. In addition, there are all sorts of literary benefits as well. Drama often requires players to learn classical plays, and write papers or short summaries of their characters.

Students need to learn more skills than just math or science without any application. They need to know WHY they’re learning what they are.

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