Youth’s Modern Beliefs Vs. Core Values

Youth's Modern Beliefs Vs. Core ValuesThere has been much talk about the attitudes of our youth today and how it contrasts with the values of older generations. Today’s younger generation is also known as the Millennials and they were born between 1981 and probably the early 90s although some have mentioned generation Y which extends from the 90s forward. Millennials and Generation Y members do have a set of values that some find troubling while others find refreshing depending on the person.

Some of The Main Qualities of Younger Generation

Today’s youth are more tech savvy than in previous decades and this means that they are accustomed to completing tasks quickly and they no longer have to wait hours to gather research or do other things. Another quality of the younger generation is the sense of entitlement that they possess at times. It is this quality that irritates many in the older generations since they believe that a person achieves success through hard work and having humility in their lives. We also see that younger persons are high achievers and they strive to do well in all aspects of life.

Role of Religion in Younger Generation

In decades past, older generations of Americans were deeply involved in their religious devotion but now things have changed significantly in this area. A majority of younger Americans ages 18 to 29 are less religious today than their parents and grandparents. Among the younger generation there is less church attendance and less daily prayer although there are some within the younger generation who have embraced non-Christian forms of spirituality such as Hinduism or Buddhism.

About Baby Boom Generation

The baby boom generation is one of the largest generations in American history and baby boomers are those born between 1946 to 1964. Early stage baby boomers grew up right after World War II and during the rise of the Cold War that spread throughout parts of Europe. Baby boomers witnessed much of the social unrest that surrounded the civil rights movement and the birth of rock n roll. This was the beginning of the TV generation and there was a daily diet of news concerning the Vietnam war. As for dating relationships, premarital sex was on the rise and it coincided with the feminist movement in the mid 60s and early 70s. During that generation abortion became legal and there was a rise in the divorce rate.


It’s clear that the youth’s modern values are at odds with those of older generations and more should be done to bridge this gap so that both generations will get along better and work well for the betterment of their communities. The youth need to respect the older generation’s values and not denigrate or ignore them. The older generation should try to understand the values, goals and frustrations of the youth so that they can impart wisdom to the youth. When this happens our society becomes a better place and the generation gap will heal.

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